Alliance Interim

The interim is the most used  and the fastest way of externalization of the human resource management and it represents the solution in the situation of some circumstantial requirements and of some tasks that have to be solved urgently:

  • Workload temporary increase
  • The temporary replacement of an employee
  • Performance of some temporary tasks
  • The impossibility of the management of employees selection.

Temporary Employment

The guarantee of obeying the Romanian and European legal provisions and the quality of the services we offer is provided by the following documents we provide you:

  • functioning authorization issued by the Ministry of Work, Family
  • fiscal attestation certificate issued by the Public Finance Administration
  • the bank guarantee at BRD Bank
  • fast and effective solution adapted to your necessities

Our Services

With ALLIANCE INTERIM you will win a human resource team, who working for you 24/24 h.

Our services are based on a modern infrastructure, fully computerized, in order to completely observe the demands of the employer and those of the candidate, too.

We supply permanent and temporary workers across a wide range of industries.

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Multiple possibilities of staff selection due to our complex and varied database.

Why should we hire Romanian professionals?

• Highly motivated for work

• Great variety of qualifications

• Lower hourly costs

• Autonomy at work

• Professional mobility

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qualified personnel

Our company is offering quality services oriented to your needs, in order to accomplish the projects of our clients.

Putting to work a rich database of candidates and the necessary psychological tools, our team will quickly find you the right candidate, ensuring the closest match between your job requests and candidate’s profile. As for the costs of our services, they vary depending on the job details and candidates’ profile characteristics you demand, on the time and resources used to find the person you’re looking for.

  • Building Department
  • Industry
  • Transport
  • Hotel
  • Agriculture